Chairs – From limitation to mobility – 14.5 hour


From frozen limitation to liveliness Mobility

New !!  Includes  CHAIRS I , CHAIRS II  Manuals in PDF format  for   practitioners  containing detailed description  of the program processes 

Discovering many un-familiar options chairs can provide

For refreshing movement activity Without needing special conditions, avoiding lying on the floor

60 total body coordination movement processes

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Download Info

The file you are about to download is a PDF document with all the details and explanations about the program. Inside the PDF you will have an access link and password to a series of videos on the web.

List of Processes

Chairs 1

1. Stomping the Feet – Impact  builds bone

2. Bouncing on the heels  – aligning posture in dynamic  pulsations

3. Rising from a Chair: Counterweight Leverage

4. Wave and Axis  – Natural device for mobilization

5. Empowering Taps –  stimulating both circulation and strength

6. Sit bones Walk –  Basis determines structure

7. Pelvis Down, Shoulder Blades Up –  releasing length of spine

8. Giving up the Back of the Chair –  graceful transition

9. Feet, According to Evolution –  flexible ankles

10. Wrap “A”  – A loan of upright posture

11. Freeing the Chest –  differentiating the stiff zone

12. Foot on a Chair – Homo  Lateral and counter lateral walking

13. Roman Sandals – The zero balance point in foot

14. Spiraling In and Out of a Chair –  owning all dimensions of space

15. Cycling  Hip off a Chair –  sideways flection

16. Three Dimensions of Pressure –  – loading body with strength

17. Sphincter Muscles – Levers for Upright Posture

18. Morning Towel  – Reaching the unreachable places

19. Long Back /  Short Back – choice determines uprightness

20. Wrap “B”  — Additional External Spine

21. Bouncing on a Chair –  empowering posture from the basis

22. Releasing the Lumbar Spine Behind –  through shortening the front

23. Aligning the Neck  – through Resistance

24. Water Carriers  – The Ultimate Posture

25. Stability from the feet  – Weights on Ankles

26. Lifting Weights –  safety first

27. The Jaw  – The key to the neck

28. The roots of the Neck  – Articulating upper back

29. Falling into a Wall  – The trajectory of streaming power

30. Wrap “C” — addition of Double Spines


Chairs 2


31. Homo Sapiens Wisdom – Combinatory thinking

32. Narrow & Wide Shoulder Blades – The horizontal Axis

33. Upright Posture from the Clavicles – Keys for Posture

34. Riding on a Roller – The Smooth wave

35. Silken Scarf to the Side – The Lateral Dimension

36. Hand on Head, Head on Chair –  connecting Head to posture

37. Zig-Zag Bouncing – Elevation from Sit bones

38. Maneuvering the Location of the Sitting Bone – Change in the Basis

39. The Prow of a Ship – The graceful Curve

40. Running Behind a Chair – shortcut to optimal Posture

41. Charlie Chaplin, or Parallel Feet? – The moment of choice

42. Knee Bends Knee – Knee Straightens Knee

43. Uprightness through Resistance – The winning Link

44. The Water Carriers B – Securing weight Bearing posture

45. Neurological Release of the Lower Back – Self Treatment

46. Upright Posture, A to Z – Knot on the wall

47. Sinking Knee – The Angel between Leg and Pelvis

48. Ribs Around the Steering – Freeing the Chest

49. The Creeping Function – The Prototype of locomotion

50. The Full Bones for Life Wrap – The Ultimate Embrace

51. Narrow Pelvis – The Vertical Vector

52. Combing the Hair – Aligning from the Gyroscope

53. Equilibrium – Controlled Risk of Stability

54. Asymmetry between Right and Left – Initiated Limping

55. Hand in Hand, in the Strip – Differentiating vertebrae

56. Climbing – Moving Upward Horizontally

57. Wave and Axis on a Roller

58. Ping-Pong – Neck and Sacrum

59. Resting on a Chair – Relaxation

60. From Chair to Floor – Smooth Spiral

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