About Movement Intelligence

What is Movement Intelligence?
“Awaken your Movement Intelligence, your internal compass to navigate in optimal coordination” Ruthy Alon
The Movement Intelligence method, created by Dr. Ruth Alon is deeply rooted in Dr. Feldenkrais’s work of somatic learning and his observations that natural development of the human infant occurs in an autonomous self-directed context.
In other words, we emerge into the world with an innate
ability to transform intention into action in an optimal
coordinated manner. This coordinated action is only firmly
established after countless trial and error attempts of the
developing infant to achieve his specific need.
From Mindful Spontaneity Chapter 8 “This autonomous quest is sharpening the personal judgement mechanism of the growing infant and develops in him the Movement
Intelligence that will become in the future his faithful compass for navigating his coordination of his physical activity throughout the ever changing events of life”
Due to the sedentary nature of our cultured society there are minimal physical demands made of us. We are able to manage in our daily lives with minimal efforts, and our ability to adapt to various physical challenges deteriorates.
Our inherent compass is “… forgotten under layers of
impaired habits that become sealed in intensity of addiction”
Movement intelligence offers a new perspective on constant
growth, expanding the range of flexibility, alignment, strength and balance. The student learns to integrate these elements ina daily routine with optimal efficiency, maximal efficacy overcoming physical dysfunctions. Through the processes outlined in Multiple Intelligence, the student acquires the skills to strengthen his\her sensory-motor awareness . This unique method of somatic learning is an invaluable tool in reconnecting us with our innate compass.
Dr. Alon’s work emphasizing Movement Intelligence as an
innate aptitude calls for experience and self-correcting skills of a healthy organism is supported by Dr. Howard Gardner’s
Theory of multiple intelligences.
In his book “Frames of Mind” Dr. Gardner describes
kinesthetic-body intelligence as the knowledge to be
physically proficient, operate and process information through coordinating your mind with your body. Developing that harmonious optimal coordination and restoring its natural function is a keystone of Movement Intelligence.

Terminology incorporated in Movement Intelligence programs:
1. Alignment
2 .Power/strength
4. Flow
5. Axis and Wave
6. Ground Reaction Force
7. Economy – pleasure principle
8. Holism
9. Division of Labor
10. Integration
11. Initiation
12. Natural movement
13. Osteogenesis
14. Visualization
15. Spatial Awareness
16. Organic Learning
17. Human Potential
Learning and integrating these concepts in our everyday life is
the essence of Movement Intelligence programs.
Dr. Alon accompanied Dr. Feldenkrais in his teachings for over
two decades. In her own words after these many years of
training at the top level of the Feldenkrais organization she
became intrigued by the ever-growing threat of bone
deterioration and fractures throughout Western society.
While most Feldenkrais lessons take place on the floor with
little or no need to deal with gravity, Dr. Alon realized that in
order to fulfill the skeleton’s destiny while resisting gravity and
building up reliable pressure, it is essential to confront the
skeletal structure with higher demands of pressure.
A vertical plane was a main factor of her thinking, modifying
the greenhouse conditions to real life situations such as
standing, walking, jumping and running.
Ruthy Alon’s vision
“ I would like to see the MOVEMENT INTELLIGENCE
programs* growing popular, offering an intelligent culture of
movement and perception that takes life beyond the
blindness which deals with fear and limitation through
aggression, rather than by learning how to gain strength and
dignity through a new, well organized and naturally meant
way of moving” * Ruthy Alon – notebooks
credit FMI -USA

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