Walking with poles for health & biological optimism I – 11.5 hours


Walking with poles for health, posture & Biological Optimism


Poles are used to substitute the winning pattern of quadrupeds in which stepping on the fore legs connected the rebounding force of stepping to shoulder blades interaction with  the spine.


Reminding the upright Homo-Sapience  the shoulder Blades the mammals’ pattern of interacting with the spine, which is still registered in the human Functional memory,  for re- vitalizing our upper back vertebrae, which tend to collapse in a hump


90 Total body coordinating movement processes

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The file you are about to download is a PDF document with all the details and explanations about the program. Inside the PDF you will have an access link and password to a series of videos on the web.

  • List of Processes

      • 1. Restoring Ankle Springiness -Reminder of Potential Flexibility
        2. Revitalizing the Toes  – The Mobilizing Wave
        3. Sprinkling Sand Backward – Function of Scratching
        4. Aligning the Neck and Lumbar Vertebrae – Safety First
        5. Walking Backward – Spontaneous Reorganization
        6. Knees from Side to Side – Relaxation after Walking
        7. Elbows Walk on Knees – Arms / Legs Interaction
        8. Basic Evolutionary Codes for Locomotion – Homolateral vs. Contralateral9. Pelvis–Heel Rotation – Coordinating Leg with Trunk
        10. Aligning the Legs – Human Vertical Walk
        11. Strengthening a Leg – Empowering through Resistance
        12. Two-Pole Walk – First Approximation
        13. Pole Straightens Spine – Refresh in Walking Pause
        14. Expanding the Volume of the Lungs – Relaxation
        15. Head/Chest Zigzag – Upgrading Posture
        16. Aligning the Knee with a Strip – Safe Spring in Stepping
        17. The Wrap – A Loan of Optimal Posture
        18. A Slope – Uphill Falling Up / Downhill Running on Hot Coals
        19.  Breathing through the Extremities – Relaxation
        20. One Pole – Generating Ballistic Propulsion from the Arm
        21. Navigating Impact through Streamlined Posture – Domino Effect
        22. Skipping – The Challenge of Rhythm
        23. Creeping – The Authentic Fitness Test
        24. Homolateral vs. Contralateral – Anti-Gravity Strategies
        25. Adjusting the Eyes – Proportional Flexibility of the Spine
        26. Ribs around the Steering – Primal Dimension of Lateral Flexion
        27. Chicken Dance – Recovering Balance
        28. Stabilizing Hip Joints – Aligning the Wheels
        29. Pulling Poles in Pairs – Controlled Power Games
        30. Evoking the Yawn – Nature’s Gift of Internal Stretch
        31. The Zero-Balance Point – Focus of Pressure in Foot
        32. Fists   Dragging Tissues – First Aid to Vulnerable Lower Back
        33. Protecting the Lumbar in the Wrap – Safety First
        34.Tailbone Around the Wheel – Suspending the Pelvis
        35. Walking Freely Outdoors – Let Your Body Talk
        36. The Anti-Gravity Lever of the Sphincters – Integrative Network
        37. Feedback – Exchanging Receivers / Givers Roles
        38. Nonchalant Running – South Africa Demonstration Style
        39. Interlacing Elbows in Pairs – Mutual Uprightness
        40. Deck of a Boat – Relaxation
        41. Wrap Supporting Neck – Safety First
        42. Waving the Poles – Refresh in a Walking Pause
        43. Relaxation – Ancient Pattern of Homeostasis
        44. Align the Neck with a Feather Touch – Axis Correction
        45. Circle of Completion -Mutual Adjustability
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