A short cut process to refresh spontaneous upright sitting:

  • Sit on your chair, without leaning back, and assess your comfort level.
  • Cross your ankles, and push your feet into the floor. 
    Attach your knees tightly to each other.
    Recognize that your axis becomes loaded with an elevating force.
    Repeat this several times, then rest.
    Uncross your ankles, and feel if there is some change in your sitting
  • Place your fists on the seat of your chair, behind you.
    Gradually apply pressure from your fists to the chair seat.
    Acknowledge the lift of your upper body.
    Repeat this several times, and rest. 
    Notice if there is a further difference in the way your body is sitting.
  • Now activate both feet (ankles crossed,)
    and fists, pushing all of them down simultaneously.
    Don’t forget to tighten your knees to each other,
    to centralize the elevating force that rises up through your midline.

    Repeat this several times, and rest.

    Feel how your body now chooses to sit on its own.

    Creating an improved position is not enough.
    For your organism to accept the change,
    it needs to be convinced it can move within this organization.
    The movement can re enforcing the position,
    energy re-establishes the structure in which it was operating.
    So let’s add movement to the new change. 
  • Once again push both feet and fists down,
    while your knees tighten to each other and your torso lifts.
    As you maintain this arrangement, begin bouncing on your seat bottom
    with light, quick, rhythmic taps. 
    When you have had enough, let go and rest.
  • Feel the entire Gestalt pattern that is now cast upon you.
    What message is conveyed by this new body language of sitting?
    Notice for how long your body is willing to maintain its newly acquired spontaneous uprightness.

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