Bones strength & weight bearing posture – 20.5 hours


Dynamic movement processes with Safety First care

New :  Includes  BFL I , II &III Manuals in PDF format  for the use of  practitioners 

Awakening in the primal organism the demand which can supply the Bone Strength in a reliable weight bearing posture.

90 total body coordination movement processes.

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The file you are about to download is a PDF document with all the details and explanations about the program. Inside the PDF you will have an access link and password to a series of videos on the web.

List of Processes

Bones 1


    • Introduction
    • Bouncing on the heels, Pulsations build bone
    • Aligning the neck by spreading fingers
    • Wave response, counter undulation of  the curves
    • Axis response, moving as one unit
    • Levels of pressure, 20 %
    • Stimulating the roots of teeth
    • Tapping head, chest, kidneys
    • Aligning the lumbar by spreading fingers
    • Tapping the pelvis, bridging the line of strength
    • Hand pushes a wall, spiraling the spine
    • Bouncing on the heels, crossed arms
    • Tantrum no and yes
    • Fragmented breathing
    • Roman sandals, the focus of efficiency and balance
    • Bicycle, stabilizing the hip joint
    • Meditation red and pink
    • Feet, inside/ outside edge, lateral flexion near a wall
    • Harness, a loan of integration in sideways walking
    • Aligning the neck, index finger between teeth
    • Aligning the lumbar by shortening the front
    • Narrow pelvis, aligning the wheels
    • Knee bends a knee, spontaneous springiness
    • The function of creeping, sweeping head from side to side
    • From sitting to standing, spiraling without leaning on the knee
    • Knot near a wall, weight bearing posture from A to Z
    • African walk, chest – lower back interaction
    • Jumping in harness


Bones 2


  • Bouncing on the heels, twisted arms, articulating the thoracic vertebrae
  • Wave/ axis, hand on wall, hand on head, connecting the head to the trunk
  • Ribs around the steering, from rib cage to rib basket
  • Hip joint, Bow and arrow, relating to individual asymmetry
  • The function of pulling, strengthening by resistance
  • The function of climbing, improvement by reversing proximal and distal
  • Jaw, releasing tension by pelvis interaction
  • The creeping function, loading the skeleton from the hand
  • Bouncing on the heels narrow/ wide, distance determines stability
  • Functional reflexology, lower back – heel correspondence
  • Silken scarf on roller, synchronized flexibility
  • Whipping against a wall, power in motion
  • From lying to frontal sitting, strength in the back vs stomach muscles
  • Weights on feet, biomechanical equilibrium and strength
  • Lifting weights, safety near a wall and efficiency through the spiral
  • Hand cuffs, closed cycle isometric resistance
  • Knee bands a knee, sea-saw heel toes
  • Rumba in the strip, power in proportional undulation
  • Shoulder blades wide/ narrow, the lateral aspect of posture
  • Hand in hand in the strip, self reorganization
  • Step up step down, walking on the back
  • Combing the hair, elongating the neck
  • Assisting a person to get up from sitting, proximal force in crossed arms
  • Running in the harness, safety in dynamic rhythm



Bones 3


  • Heel lower than the surface, maneuvering the environment to effect the lumbar
  • Foot rides over thigh and finger along the nose, securing continuity of axis
  • Hip joint recoil in sitting near a wall, increasing range of step
  • Sphincters, the integrative network of anti gravity lever
  • Two knots near a wall, shortcut to upright posture
  • Focus of pressure in front of the heel, the neutral point of the lumbar
  • Recovering equilibrium, Risking stability to learn how to recreate it
  • African walk, the detachment of foot, the dynamics of walking in pendulum
  • The function of creeping, foot pulls foot in self elongation
  • Bouncing on one foot, neurological diplomacy
  • Shoulder blades high/ low near the wall, front/ back proportions of length
  • Squatting, synchronized surrender to gravity
  • Crawling with bent elbows, tiger walk
  • Sliding pelvis from side to side, integrating the spine
  • Rocking from Lying to sitting, the anti gravity strategy of consistent frequency
  • From lying to standing to lying, overcoming fear of falling
  • Falling down without injury, inner model of confidence
  • Up an down a slope/ stairs, adjusting posture to context
  • A trunk of a tree, a roller near the wall
  • Heel to ischium, aligning legs to spine
  • Recreating homeostasis, relaxation
  • Reconciliation with hope, imagery
  • Jumping in a circle
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