Our Goals:
Organize and stabilize the association as an active body.
Spread the method to a diverse audience from all facets of life in Israel and (abroad), emphasizing the young .
introduce and distribute the method among audiences involved in the fields of movement and awareness.
Establish an institute for teaching the method in the general public.
Training of practitioners and trainers in the Ruthy Alon method and promoting it as a respectable profession
Establish standards of certification and and continuous training
Linking professionals in the world of movement and practices alike.
Promoting the legacy of Ruthy Alon’s generosity and compassion .
Providing accessibility to materials in all media from Ruthy’s heritage and her followers
Participating in organizations for deepening the knowledge and spreading of the method: academia, seminars, colleges and similar teaching methods.
Tightening the bondage with associations around the world which Ruthy has had been involved in .
Following Ruthy’s path of biological optimism in the teaching of the method.

Our Mission:
The mission of MI-Ruthy Alon’s Method Assosiation is to preserve the memory of Ruthy Alon and address widespread concern regarding loss of mobility, balance, coordination and bone strength by providing practical self-care strategies for optimal movement as embodied in Ruthy Alon’s Movement Intelligence programs.

Our Vision:
We envision a world where, through optimal posture and movement, people from all facets of life enjoy natural balance and coordination, and autonomously foster flexible andreliable bones throughout their lives.

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